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"Quite possibly, one of the best things I've ever tasted."

Cleveland cold brew coffee

We offer both hot and cold classic coffee beverages such as lattes, mochas, nitro cold brew, and more. Our cold brew coffee drinks are uniquely different for two reasons:​

How we brew it:

Scoot! Cold Brew is unlike any other cold brew you've tried. Our bean blend has been thoughtfully selected and roasted to produce dark chocolate, walnut, and wood notes subtly layered with stone fruits. We steep it with a touch of natural sweetener and the result is a well-balanced body. Our unique process provides just enough zazzle to create a complex tasting experience without too much acidity which is common among other cold brew products.

How we serve it:

We serve our mixed drinks using shots of cold brew concentrate in lieu of espresso which means more consistency and less bitterness. There’s no need for syrupy sweeteners, no grounds in your drink, and no bitter baristas. And the best part? Everything we make is so easy, you can do it at home.

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