In 2016 my wife, Abby, and I started Scoot! together while living in Seattle. Having worked in many different industries, I decided to pair my love of coffee with my desire to create a different kind of business, both socially and economically. 

The name Scoot! was inspired by our roasting partner, Stint Coffee Roaster, whose first roaster was built in our garage and transported throughout Seattle by two resourceful dreamers on a scooter. After hauling that trusty roaster around town, we were inspired to create a product of our own, and Scoot! Craft Cold Brew was born.


Our mission is to make delicious cold brew coffee while enriching the community and world. We are beyond excited to share our cold brew coffee and our vision with our new home - Cleveland - and we hope you will support Scoot! and make our vision a reality.

-Kari DeGraff


2085 West 114th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

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