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We believe business leaders have a responsibility to their communities and the world. We want to change the expectation of the way businesses operate. To do that, we must first start by being a mindful business leader;

 actively pursuing a greater connection to self, others, and nature.

Economic Prosperity
cleveland coffee shop, small business

a collaborative and efficient economy that optimizes resources

Healthy Natural Environment
sustainable coffee, natural

we connect better with ourselves and one another when we also connect with nature. it is essential we look after our environment in order to better care for ourselves

Well-Being for All
wellness, well-being, health, community, world

decision making that promotes comfort, health, and happiness for our customers, employees, community, and the world 

What is Scoot! doing?


- Our model for using cold brew concentrate in lieu of espresso means we can provide a refill program that results in near zero waste. So you can enjoy delicious single-serve drinks at home without the need for harmful k-cups

- In-store, we use compostable cups and utilize Rust Belt Riders, a composting service

- We provide a fee-free space to help other creators gain visibility

- We do our best to source supplies locally

- We pay our team a fair wage (they deserve much more) and strongly encourage work-life balance

- We donate coffee to a variety of events that support the community

- To help offset our carbon footprint, we are members of 8 Billion Trees (click the link to lean more) and so far have contributed to the planting of over 400 hyper-carbon-sequestering trees


We will increase our community efforts and actions toward sustainability. But what we're most excited about (I mean, other than completely changing the way single-serve coffee is consumed in the home) is taking care our staff. Like one of our heroes, Dan Price, the $70k CEO (click the link to learn more), our goal is to pay a living wage. And just as important, we want to prohibit over-time and include paid time for physical fitness and meditation, which are pillars for mental health. Time is the only resource that cannot be renewed. We believe that if given the time, people can create, volunteer, or pursue the things they love. The result is people who are less stressed and happier and in return, create new products and generate ideas that will make society greater. What would you create if you had more time?

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